New Holland @EXPO 2015

New Holland

Sustainable Pavillion


From May 1st 2015 Movie & Arts / Feel_InSpace is present at Expo in the New Holland Agriculture Pavilion. Indeed, in addition to Filmmaster Events, Movie & Arts / Feel_InSpace has taken care of the concept and design of the visit experience, and has designed, developed and created all the audio-visual contents and interactive applications that cover the pavilion and use the innovative software Inmersus owner. The visit experience consists of 11 different interactive applications. The main show, on-air in the main hall on 50 meters of LED screen, is “The show of the seasons” a video in which the 4 seasons alternate in a few minutes, giving the viewer the exciting details of the miracle called “Nature”! From the background to the products on display a spectacular “screensaver” brings warmth and charm reiterating the concept of the 4 seasons in sync with the lights and the artificial sun / moon that dominates the main hall. Inside the Pavilion the user will be accompanied by many other audio-visual contents, again by Movie & Arts.